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A to Z of Speakers

The A-Z of Speakers, compiled by Shirley Thornhill, and revised with assistance from Jenni Lister and David Bradbury, is issued every two years and is included in the subscriptions for Societies. Copies can be purchased for £3. Contact Jenni Lister using the Contacts page.

An image of, 'The A-Z of Speakers, latest edition'

Speaker Feedback Form

Speakers are included on the list by their own request, and the Federation suggests that societies and groups use this form to give feedback to speakers on how their presentations have been received by a typical but anonymous member of the audience. The Federation does not expect to receive copies. The use of the form is completely optional for societies and speakers. It is suggested that societies check with visiting speakers that they would be happy to receive such feedback.

An icon for a A PDF document containing the CLHF speaker feedback form.Speaker Feedback Form (PDF)
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